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Delia discovers bakeware!


Happy news my baking buddies. Delia Smith, that doyenne of domestic catering, champion of unpretension and helpmeet of home cooks everywhere (yes, that Delia), has finally come round to my way of thinking. Which is, if you

want decent results when baking, use decent tins.

Well, OK, she might have mentioned once or twice in the past that one fundamental rule applies to all baking: “Capacity is King!” Or, to put it another way (though this is a tenet I’m usually loathe to encourage in the kitchen, lest it leads to gluttony, jealousy and other vices of that nature): “Size is Everything!” Failed baking, according to Delia, is more often than not a failure of tin size. In fact, I’d go further. I’d say it’s failure of both size and performance, ie total tin inadequacy.

But what Delia and I now at last agree on, is that the right tool for the job – high performance bakeware of pleasingly correct proportions – has been under our pert little noses all along. And it’s British-made Silverwood. Which is what I’ve always, always, always said.

Now, Delia thinks she’s discovered Silverwood, and is about to launch it into the stratosphere via Delia Online.* This can only be a good thing for those of you who live to bake and those of us who sell bakeware to live. I would imagine the talented craftspeople who lovingly produce Silverwood’s bakeware are pretty chuffed too.

So I’m not going to crow about the fact that, actually, anyone who has ever visited my shop and been bludgeoned with bakeware advice already knows Silverwood is top stuff. No size or performance issues. Just self-effacingly British, well-behaved, untempermental, reliable and efficient tins.

Yet I have to face facts: no one’s ever heard of me, whereas Delia has fame and gravitas and a trustworthy face and tidy hair and a habit of not bludgeoning people with advice. People listen to Delia. They perk up when she talks, not smother yawns or sidle away backwards. And while I am nothing if not didactic, Delia is a proper educator who will not just teach you how to cook, she will teach you to learn from your mistakes.

But bear in mind I also told you this: if you start with the right tins, you will make fewer mistakes in the first place.

* The Delia Online Cookery School and book “Delia’s Cakes” launch on 28th February 2013. Delia’s Silverwood bakeware range is initially available through independent retailers nationwide. Hotfoot it down to your nearest cookshop to your support your local high street. Er…. then hotfoot it back to your computer to cook online. On reflection, are Delia and I giving mixed messages after all?

Posted: 09-Feb-13


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